The Sad Sacklers Are Back In the News

There is a concern, as expressed in this OP-ED article in the NY Times, that the villainous Sackler family who owns Purdue Pharma, maker of the OxyCotin pain-killer that was responsible for the opioid epidemic in America and the deaths of more than 200,000 people, may slither their way out from under the retribution they so richly deserve, via a bankruptcy proceeding that will allow the family  to retain the vast majority of their fortune beyond their multi-$billion offer of settlement.  The Sad Sacklers Are Back In the News

This note is to assure you that they won’t succeed! Inherent in why,  is the very basis of the principle of physics, that “What Goes Around Comes Around!” Even if it does go down in a manner that appears to favor the Sackler family, while it will be aggravating for many and downright painful for many others, rest assured! It means that the ruinous effects on the lives of the Sackler family are just beginning to unfold. Their shameful game has been exposed and the seeds planted. We can’t even begin to know the extent of the pain and the shame they have brought upon themselves and future generations of Sacklers. What happens on this round is just a glimpse of what will be.

It may be helpful in a matter like this to revisit how “What Goes Around Comes Around” actually works. It is that the longer the perpetrator is able to hold off the consequences of their actions through deception, clever legal maneuvers, payoffs. outright lying or other, the deeper the hole they dig for themselves. Plain and simple!

The Opioid Task Force Update
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When we look at it in our very human short-term view, it may seem that the current proposed deal would constitute an escape for the family. But no! Even though it would be much better long term for the family at large to take the hit now, they won’t! Rather they’ll lie and stall and use every legal maneuver possible to obfuscate and make it to the next day and the one after that. But their lives, already miserable will just get worse. They are already pariahs wherever they used to be admired and respected. 

They are in the vortex of misery and in the end, all they’ll be doing is passing on a multiple of the pain that they would have to deal with now, onto future Sackler generations.They may think they have succeeded but they’ll be proven wrong. Meanwhile they and future Sacklers will live under ever darker clouds. Some will try to change their name and identity but will be revealed. Children and grandchildren will wonder why the parents and grandparents didn’t take care of their own mess and left it to them instead? 

Another factor of unknowable magnitude is how future generations of today’s victims will continue to plumb every legal depth to find a way to re-open and re-open and re-open the case on behalf of their lost parent or brother or sister or friend. Where being a Sackler was once the envy of all, it has become the very symbol of depravity. It will only get worse until there’s nothing left to pursue. Pity the children and great-grandchildren of today’s villains, but pity also their forebears who brought this on. Their memory will be laced with loathing and deservedly so! 

From The New York Times:

The Sacklers Could Get Away With It

The family behind Purdue Pharma made a fortune on the opioid epidemic. Will they ever truly face justice?

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“A stable, positive, non-preachy, objective voice makes the manual stand apart from others in the genre.  A successful guide that uses anecdotes to reveal powerful truths about life.” – Kirkus Reviews

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The Sad Sacklers Are Back In the News

The Sad Sacklers Are Back In the News