Reader Testimonials for What Goes Around Comes Around

Reader Testimonials for What Goes Around Comes Arou

What Goes Around Kirkus Review

What Goes Around Kirkus Review

Sheryl Woodhouse
Founder, Livelihood Matters

(From the Forward) Considering all that’s happening around us in the world today, this book could not come at a better time, or be more important. As individuals and collectively, we should behave better. Rob’s reasoned explanations help us to understand why. That even though fewer of us may ascribe to traditional, organized religion, or maybe because of that, we do want guidance that makes sense on the important questions. Guidance that doesn’t require giving up logic and reason, and is believable.
“What Goes Around Comes Around” is an expression we’ve all heard many times. It is something we know to be true, even if we don’t always live like we know it. This book, subtitled “A Guide to How Life REALLY Works,” does make sense, and is easy and meaningful to read in Rob’s eloquent and flowing writing style. I can picture him talking with that glint in his eye, and even though you may not have met him, I hope you can too!
Rob’s life as a school teacher, turned stock broker, turned nonprofit foundation founder (, Singer/songwriter (, athlete, friend, parent, grandfather & great-grandfather, and now author, inspires us to lead a wholesome and multi-dimensional life. I’ve learned a lot from them, book and person these past few months, and I hope you’ll allow Rob’s book to serve as a guide to you as well.

Senior Reviewer – Booksgosocial:

“What Goes Around Comes Around: A Guide to How Life REALLY Works” is a nonfiction book written by Rob Davis. At the outset, the premise seems simple enough: Individual human beings are masters of their respective destinies, regardless of outside influences. One could easily dismiss this book as another gimmicky, get-fixed-quick addition to the self-help genre, but Mr. Davis backs up his assertions with stories of real people (most of whom are acquaintances of the author), personal experience, and references to well-known thinkers who have opined upon the subject themselves.
This book is primarily composed of the aforementioned stories, but also includes detailed explanations of the author’s main points, and a selection of daily affirmations. The book is easy to read and engaging from beginning to end.
My favorite aspect of this book is the author’s message itself, as I happened to agree with him on many points. I strongly believe in personal responsibility, and in a world that has seemingly become obsessed with dodging accountability, I feel that his message is timely. While there are some aspects of life that no individual can control, our actions do largely dictate our outcomes. I also agree with the author’s assertion that immoral actions on the part of an individual will eventually result in less-than-favorable circumstances. 
While many religious traditions teach a similar message, this book is written from a nonreligious viewpoint and can be applied to any belief system. The author’s tone is diplomatic yet matter-of-fact, and I believe that anyone, regardless of background, can glean lessons from this book.
I believe that What Goes Around Comes Around is a worthwhile read. While I believe that anyone could benefit from reading this book, I would especially recommend it to young adults. The lessons within, if learned and applied early in life, will reap many benefits and save a great deal of hardship.

Russell Stuart

Rob, I have to tell you that I am really enjoying the book. I love the way you articulate these simple ideas and later in the day and evening I find myself thinking deeply about the precepts and the stories in the most complex way . 
It has caused me to consider people, experiences and events I haven’t thought about for a long time – could I have handled that better? Very thought provoking. Thank you.

Cheryl Woodruff – The Ballantine Publishing Group 

“What Goes  Around Comes Around” is impressive in its straightforward, no-nonsense response to some of the most troubling questions of our time. In light of the increasingly frequent revelations of moral lapses, failures and indiscretions of public figures, Davis offers a simple answer — “what goes around comes around!” What makes his book intriguing is that it does require readers to examine their own lives in the stark light of “cause and effect.”
Throughout my reading of the book I was most intrigued by the delightful looks at real people’s lives that Davis employs. The book’s strength is the way the stories and principles alternate.

Acquisitions Editor of major publishing company

There are a lot of great personal anecdotes and words of wisdom, thoughts and poems, stories about Rob’s encounters with other individuals, motivational and inspirational prompts and vignettes, definition of terms and concepts, and strong, positive affirmations.

This is a self-help book created from Rob’s experiences and insights. It is intriguing and a reader would be led to self-reflect and learn a lot with what is offered in these pages.

I would say that the book potentially carries Rob’s legacy to influence people and generally improve their well-being of life.

JP Muir

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the stories but also found myself dwelling deeply on certain passages, rereading some many times. 
What I found most thought-provoking were the stories about Ben and Edwin Rabe. Certain words came to mind including congruency, harmony and grace. Ben was  a special man that we can use as a model for ourselves. Edwin lived the life that was pure and good, but fell off the path, as we all can do. He then became pure and good again. These stories stirred much thought in me.
I was completely engaged in your discussion of ”The Natural Laws,” regarding how life really is and works. It reminded me of a quote from Einstein, “The most comprehensible thing about life and the world is that it is comprehensible!”
I was also impressed by the format you used. This subject here is a simple, basic idea that its found in all religions, philosophies and inner-voices, but people have so many excuses not to live up to their fullest potential and may block it out. I found your format of story-telling particularly well-crafted in helping people recognize and understand the benefits of taking action.
Nice job!

Wonderful Insight into an Old Adage.”

This book is an easy-to-understand look at the time-honored phrase: “what goes around comes around.” Using personal stories gleaned from family, colleagues, and acquaintances, Rob Davis shows us that what we say, think and do (causes) can lead to interesting outcomes (effects).

“Transformative Resource”

Amazon Review 5 Star

A wonderful collection of vignettes that can help anyone transform their life. Davis reveals patterns that are simple but powerful forces in our lives, and readers are reminded of best practices that will produce positive results in any situation.

“Wish I knew this in my younger years…although I’m 30”

Amazon Review 5 Star

I’ve seen Mr. Davis capture an audience’s attention in the capacity of a live show, but never in the dimension of a book. Well, the day has come! “What Goes Around Comes Around: A Guide to How Life REALLY Works” is captivating, hilarious and sounds just like Rob. Not only are the life lessons of this book applicable to the business people of the world, but it is applicable to everyone of all ages. It’s quite hard to master something like that. Whether you are 17 or 49, I highly recommend adding this literary work to your collection.

Reader Testimonials for What Goes Around Comes Around

Reader Testimonials for What Goes Around Comes Around