"What Goes Around Comes Around - A Guide To How Life REALLY Works” - Trade Paperback

This book is about why the title is true for all people, all the time – why it is a law of nature the same as gravity, electricity or the turning of the tides. It takes on the thorny question of why it appears that some people get away with bad behavior for a very long time, or may even never get caught, while good people suffer. It’s what allows us to discount its truth  and actual importance and therefore to discount our need to always be mindful in watching what we’re setting up in our own lives. We all say those words about something we see unfolding in other people’s lives, while the truly important observation is what we may be doing in our own.
“What Goes Around Comes Around – A Guide To How Life REALLY Works” is a giant step in getting there.

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Rob is a father/grandfather/great-grandfather, brother, uncle and friend. He is a businessman, entrepreneur, singer/songwriter/cabaret performer, motivational speaker and author.  Rob is also the founder of HFC.org.

Rob was the Founder of Help For Children/Hedge Funds Care www.HFC.org in 1998, with the mission of raising funds in the financial services community and making grants to organizations focused on preventing child abuse and providing treatment to those who have been victimized. For the next ten years he worked tirelessly to build a global force for good in multiple cities and countries – comprised of a committed board, a network of academic advisors from leading educational institutions in each branch to both vet and evaluate grants and hundreds of industry professionals participating in fund raising activities.

Rob remains as committed as ever to saving children from the trauma of abuse, serving as Chairman Emeritus and board member. He is ever grateful for the $55 plus million that has been donated through more than 1,000 grants since inception, but also mindful of the many that HFC was not able to help. Rob also repeats his mantra whenever possible, reminding that the vast majority of funding for any childhood issue comes from the parents whose children are among the afflicted.

In the case of child abuse, for a variety of reasons, some obvious and others not, there is no such parental constituency, leaving the prevention and treatment of child abuse at the bottom of the barrel of which causes get funding. it is just the way it is, but why the help provided through the generosity of HFC supporters is so very much appreciated and important. Notably, it was Rob’s insights gleaned from his years of studying the data and issues faced by the dedicated professionals working in various aspects of child abuse services, that Rob was able to complete “What Goes Around Comes Around.”

"Teachers of Consciousness"

Rob recalling a wonderful honor when featured in Transforming Wall Street - A Conscious Path for A New Future

Kim Kurtin’s  book "Transforming Wall Street: A Conscious Path for a New Future" featuring Rob Davis

Rob was featured in author Kim Kurtin’s  book, Transforming Wall Street: A Conscious Path for a New Future, as one of the 50 Conscious Capitalists” and  Teachers of Consciousnessin the hedge fund/financial services industry, who were making a difference in how the industry was conducting business, and how it was being perceived.

Following his ten years as Chairman, Rob Davis now serves on the Board of Help For Children, HFC, as Chairman Emeritus.  HFC is a charity dedicated to the prevention and treatment of child abuse. Since its founding by Rob in 1998, HFC has donated more than $50 million through over 1,000 grants to organizations dedicated to saving children from the trauma of abuse.

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