Rob giving the keynote at Lincoln Center, over-looking Central Park, for the S.U.S. (Services For The Underserved) Gala

Speaking Engagements

Rob is a wonderful and compelling speaker. A Speech and Theater major in college, he performed in multiple college as well as community theatre productions in polishing his comfort with audiences large and small. Since founding Hedge Funds Care/Help For Children – in 1998, to raise funding for organizations dedicated to preventing and treating child abuse (see more on the Philanthropy tab), Rob has had many dozens of speaking opportunities before audiences of as many as twelve to fifteen hundred people.


What Goes Around by Rob Davis
Rob on the stage presenting baseball great Joe Torre, with a special award celebrating Joe’s contributions to the battle against child abuse


Creative Group Publishing with Rob Davis
Rob giving the keynote address for the Institutional Investor Hedge Funds awards gala.

Rob being interviewed about the work of HFC to save children from the trauma of abuse.

HFC is an international charity focused on preventing child abuse and providing
treatment to those who have been victimized, with ten branches in five countries. Learn how you can contribute at

Plaques where Rob was honored and had given the keynote speech

Help of Children Founder Rob Davis gave the keynote address as he received the 2016 philanthropy award 

Rob Davis, founder and Chairman Emeritus of Help For Children, receiving the City & State Reports Award for Outstanding Achievement in Promoting Philanthropy in the Financial Community.