Written by Rob Davis, What Goes Around Comes Around is a non-fiction and self-help book “on how life really works.” Davis bases his arguments on the concepts of The Law of Cause and Effect. The main principle of this law is that our words, thoughts, and actions have consequences. According to Davis, it is effortless for us to see this law in effect in other people’s lives but “it is so very hard to observe, admit to and adjust for in our own behaviors and lives.” As a result, the purpose of the book is to guide the readers to reflect on their own lives and improve their words, thoughts, and actions.

My favorite aspect of the book was the method Davis used to impart his wisdom about life. He included vignettes about the lives of people he knows or has known to demonstrate how words, thoughts, and actions have positive and negative consequences. Davis also included life lessons from his own experiences in the final chapters of the book. His writing style is straightforward and empathic. It is not preachy at all. The reader feels like the author is a friend giving great advice with everyday examples.

The following are a couple of my favorite stories.

  • Peter, a senior member at a Wall Street investment baking company, always treated poorly coworkers he considered inferior. He was particularly despicable with his secretary. One day, she had enough. She presented her letter of resignation right at the moment Peter had a crucial meeting in which he would give a presentation to valuable clients. She also “forgot” to make the final touches to the presentation and had to run to a job interview. Peter’s story shows the consequences of treating others poorly.
  • My absolute favorite was the story about Clayton, an older man in great shape. Davis witnessed Clayton’s impressive athletic skills during their company’s soccer match. Davis, who was in his thirties, wondered how Clayton was in fantastic shape despite his age, successful career, and healthy family life. Davis learned from Clayton’s secretary that Clayton made the time to exercise every day because he believed in a balanced life. He worked hard, spend time with his family, went to church, and did exercise regularly. Clayton’s story illustrates the significance of having a physical, emotional, and spiritual balance in life.

What I liked the least about the book was that it needs another editorial revision. I found more than ten punctuation mistakes. These mistakes are a bit distracting but do not detract the reader from grasping the meaning of the stories and concepts in the book.

I rate What Goes Around Comes Around by Rob Davis 3 out of 4 stars because the author does a great job teaching the readers about the consequences of our words, thoughts, and actions. I agree with the author when he says that “at the end of the day, we make the decisions, we speak the words, we take the actions that plant the seeds in our own individual gardens of life.” I deducted a star because of the punctuation errors. The ideas of this book are similar to those found in books like The Secret by Rhonda Byrne and The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Corvey. I would recommend it to readers who enjoy motivational self-help books.

The book is about why the words of the title are true, not spiritual or esoteric, but actually a Law of Nature and Physics – the same as gravity, electricity and the changing of the tides. We all say them about other people we observe but may rarely consider them in relation to ourselves. The book also takes on the thorny question of why some people get away with bad actions for a long time if not what seems forever! It is what shakes our belief that it is a force we have to take seriously on a personal level, thereby making us willing to take risks we might otherwise avoid.
“What Goes…” is available at Amazon in paperback or Kindle versions and at www.whatgoesllc.com if purchased in quantities greater than ten. If you read it, please share your thoughts with me and if so moved, please post a review on the book page.
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A successful guide that uses anecdotes to reveal powerful truths about life.” – Kirkus Reviews

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“I’ve read a number of books that focus on a similar message and I find Rob’s to be my favorite.” – Sheryl Woodhouse, founder of Livelihood Matters LLC

Kirkus Review for What Goes Around Comes Around A Guide To How Life REALLY Works

New Review for What Goes Around Comes Around

New Review for What Goes Around Comes Around