Forward forWhat Goes Around, Comes Around

by Sheryl Woodhouse
Founder of Livelihood Matters, LLC

What Goes Around Comes Around Book Covers
What Goes Around Comes Around Book Covers

Forward for What Goes Around Comes Around

I’ll always remember when and where I first met Rob, in a cozy bar called The Dandelion in downtown Philadelphia. It was the meet and greet of the – Independent Authors’ Conference in November ’17. Rob was there to learn about self-publishing, and sat in the only seat left in the place, which happened to be next to me! I on the other hand, was there to work, as the company where I served as Chief Operating Officer,, was managing the conference. It was the first such conference and my job to make sure our staff did the best possible job. Forward for What Goes Around Comes Around

Our conversation almost immediately went to subjects like philosophy, history and alternative views of world religions. We were instant friends and could have talked for hours. I was intrigued by what he had to say about the project that had brought him to the conference, and he was refreshingly and equally, interested in my goals and views.

It was a nice first meeting, but soon ended to get back to the official conference,

Sheryl Woodhouse Keese, Founder Livelilhood Matters
Sheryl Woodhouse, Founder of
Livelihood Matters, LLC

opening  remarks. The rest of the event flew by, accompanied by a wave here and there and a few hi’s in passing. So it was a pleasant surprise, and now I’d even say an honor when Rob handed me a copy of his manuscript and asked if I’d read it. Getting that initial copy of this book was almost like getting to take Rob’s wisdom and flair for storytelling home with me.

I’ve read a number of books that focus on sharing a similar message, including “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne, “The Answer” by John Assaraf & Murray Smith, “The Celestine Prophecy” by James Redfield, “Think and Grow Rich,” by Napoleon Hill, and I must say that I find Rob’s to be my favorite. It’s not new age gimmicky or focused on material gains. It’s about taking personal responsibility for who you are and the decisions we all continuously make. I found it to be more sincere and personal, and better at explaining the important concepts it takes on, in a compelling and convincing way.

We’ve all read about “Cause & Effect” and “Laws of Nature.” We can easily see in others and the world around us how they work. Rob’s stories, examples of people he’s known over the years, his own life, and current events help bring the focus to greater understanding of how it plays out in our own lives, how we build character and from that a worthwhile life. It’s about a more mindful approach to managing thoughts, words and actions.

Considering all that’s happening around us in the world today, this book could not come at a better time, or be more important. As individuals and collectively, we should behave better. Rob’s reasoned explanations help us to understand why. That even though fewer of us may ascribe to traditional, organized religion, or maybe because of that, we do want guidance that makes sense on the important questions. Guidance that doesn’t require giving up logic and reason, and is believable.

“What Goes Around Comes Around” is an expression we’ve all heard many times. It is something we know to be true, even if we don’t always live like we know it. This book, subtitled “A Guide to How Life REALLY Works,” does make sense, and is easy and meaningful to read in Rob’s eloquent and flowing writing style. I can picture him talking with that glint in his eye, and even though you may not have met him, I hope you can too!

With so much information to consume each day I usually find myself mainly skimming to cover as much as possible before moving on. Having had Rob’s words to dwell on has been a welcome interlude that I will return to often. Though I believe anytime is the right time for this book to show up in your life, we may appreciate it for different reasons, i.e. staying mindful of how we nurture the important relationships in our life; the examples, good or not so good, that we are continuously setting for others. It is a road map and cautionary yet inspiring entreaty to place high value on our lives and those of our loved ones, and then act in accordance by virtue of our more purposeful deployment of the thoughts we dwell on, the words we speak and the actions we take.

Personally to me, a favorite and essential part of the book is the set of reflections at the end titled, “Thoughts To Live By.” Rob told me that I wasn’t alone in that assessment.

There are thirty of them, one for every day of the month, and then start again, including such titles as:

• I Am Guided To Right Action

• I Put Legs On My Ideas

• I Create The Best Possible Me

These three-paragraph rumination are like affirmations, but more. They’re beautifully written, substantive, direct, and have a little bit of Rob’s humor in them.

Rob and his book came into my life at an especially appropriate time, on the brink of turning fifty and the challenging juncture of leaving an executive position at an established and successful public relations firm, working with people I respect and enjoy, to strike out on my own in a direction that was more meaningful to me. I had tried once before with a labor of love that was swallowed by the great recession, and definitely needed and welcomed the encouragement of seeing Rob’s commitment, and understanding the effort required to create such a book as this, not to mention the reminder of my own need to stay vigilant about the future I am establishing for myself each and every day, with my own thoughts and words and actions!

Rob’s life as a school teacher, turned stock broker, turned nonprofit foundation founder (, Singer/songwriter (, athlete, friend, parent, grandfather & great-grandfather, and now author, inspires to lead a wholesome and multi-dimensional life. I’ve learned a lot from them, book and person these past few months, and I hope you’ll allow Rob’s book to serve as a guide to you as well.

Sheryl Woodhouse

Founder, Livelihood Matters

Forward for What Goes Around Comes Around

Forward for What Goes Around Comes Around