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Who is Rob Davis?

What Goes Around Comes Around Book CoversWhat Goes Around Comes Around Book Covers
Rob with two of his grand kids

Rob Davis has helped to raise six children, is grandfather of nine, and great-grandfather of two – brother, uncle, colleague and friend; singer/songwriter, cabaret performer, business man, athlete and philanthropist. 

He has spent many years in the study of comparative religion, philosophy, metaphysics and science of mind, a process that never ends. Some time ago, he began to write stories about people he knew, who illustrated certain concepts. Over the years the collection of tales grew, the concepts evolved and deepened, and What Goes Around Comes Around – A Guide To How Life REALLY Works is the result – adding author to Rob’s resume. Multiple reviews can be found here. More reviews and purchase options can be found at the Shop page.

In late 1998, Rob conceived of the idea of raising money in the hedge fund/alternative investment industry, and making grants to organizations dedicated to the prevention and treatment of child abuse, and started Help For Children/Hedge Funds Care – – Fast forward to today, there are active U.S. branches in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Denver & Atlanta, plus affiliate/branches in London, Dublin, Toronto and Grand Cayman. He remains deeply committed as Chairman Emeritus, and grateful to know that since inception HFC has granted close to $60 million, through more than 1,000 grants globally, to programs focused on saving children from the trauma of abuse. In the process, HFC has helped the lives of many thousands of children and families.

What are people saying about Rob?

  • The Board of Directors of the Children’s Advocacy Center of Manhattan said, “We salute your tremendous vision and amazing commitment….Your work is touching the lives of thousands of children and families.
  • The Coalition for Asian American Children and Families said, “In the past five years…your labor of love has touched the lives of thousands of children and their families….your leadership has been an inspiration to us.”
  • Cynthia Scott (Executive Director, Coalition on Child Abuse and Neglect,) said “Compassionate vision. Those are the words I associate with your name.”
  • Nancy Wackstein (United Neighborhood Houses) said, “You know Rob, this is an issue that all decent people agree is worth fighting for. The difference is that you have gone beyond mere words to making this a life commitment.”

Honors & Awards:

  • 2016 – City &  State Reports – Honoree – The Award for Outstanding Achievement in Promoting Philanthropy in the Investment Community
  • 2012 – Wynona’s House Child advocacy Center Honoree – The Steel Magnolia Award for Tenacity in Advocating for Children
  • 2011 – Services for the Underserved (SUS) – Honoree – The Dedication to Changing Lives Award
  • 2008 – Coalition Against Child Abuse and Neglect: Honoree – The Voice for All Children Award
  • 2004 – Prevent Child Abuse New York : Honoree – Excellence in Child Abuse Prevention Award
  • 2002 – National Exchange Club Honoree – Dedication to Child Abuse Prevention Award

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