Rob giving the keynote at Lincoln Center, over-looking Central Park, for the S.U.S. (Services For The Underserved) Gala

Motivational Speaking

Rob is a powerful and engaging speaker. He was a Public Speaking and Theatre Arts major in college and has performed on the stage in many college and community theater productions. He was also a professional dancer appearing on stage and in variety shows on TV. His father and mother were professional actors and Rob and his sisters required from an early age to give standing presentations on their daily activities. Perhaps because of that and his dancing training from an early age, comfort on his feet and in front of an audience has always been a natural for Rob. Since founding Hedge funds Care/Help For Children – in 1998 to raise funds for organizations dedicated to preventing and treating child abuse (see more on the Philanthropy Tab) Rob has had countless speaking opportunities before audiences from single digits to well north of a thousand. He says there is little difference to him, that he loves the process and the experience no matter the size of the audience and that each one is an opportunity to move someone to be a more caring or philanthropic person.peaking Engagements


What Goes Around by Rob Davis
Rob on the stage presenting baseball great Joe Torre, with a special award celebrating Joe’s contributions to the battle against child abuse

“I was invited to hear Rob Davis speak in New York City at a fundraising convention held for the prevention of child abuse.  At the time, he was the CEO of Hedge funds Cares,, an organization he founded that supported nonprofit agencies throughout the U.S., Cayman Islands, Canada, U.K. & Hong Kong that helped these children and their families. I was the Executive Director of one of those agencies and received Rob’s support for several years.

Rob is someone who commands attention when he enters a room and is sincere and engaging when he speaks. His voice is warm and trustworthy and his words demonstrate his knowledge and authority.

When he finished his keynote, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room and he received a standing ovation. I left motivated and energized by his sincerity, warmth, appreciation and knowledge. Rob is a wonderful public speaker; he gets right to the heart of the matter with complete authenticity.  I look forward to hearing him speak again”.

Donna Martire Miller MA, CIPP
CEO Happily Ever Actions

Past Executive Director – The Exchange Club / Help for Kids

I remember receiving a phone call in the late 90’s from Rob Davis about creating a non-profit organization within the financial services industry to raise money for the prevention and treatment of abused children. I had experience in the non-profit area as an attorney and agreed to assist Rob. I even suggested what was to become the organizations initial name, Hedge Funds Care! It has since also been branded as Help For Children, in both cases Since then, under Rob’s terrific leadership and now others as well, HFC has become a global force for good heiping thousands of children and families each year. As a Board Member from the start I have had the opportunity to hear Rob speak on behalf of HFC many times to audiences large and small, articulating it’s aims and goals in an articulate and compelling way. I’ll simply conclude, that Rob is an excellent speaker!

Eric R. Roper Esq.
President, Eric R. Roper PC


Creative Group Publishing with Rob Davis

Rob giving the keynote address for the Institutional Investor Hedge Funds awards gala.

Rob being interviewed about the work of HFC to save children from the trauma of abuse.

HFC is an international charity focused on preventing child abuse and providing
treatment to those who have been victimized, with ten branches in five countries. Learn how you can contribute at

Plaques where Rob was honored and had given the keynote speech

Help of Children Founder Rob Davis gave the keynote address as he received the 2016 philanthropy award 

Speaking Engagements

Rob Davis, founder and Chairman Emeritus of Help For Children, receiving the City & State Reports Award for Outstanding Achievement in Promoting Philanthropy in the Financial Community.