Nearly 2000 children abused by Catholic leaders in Illinois

Shades of western Pennsylvania a few years ago, where it came to light that more than 1,500 children had been sexually victimized by priests over the past few years. One priest in particular had nailed five kids, whose parents had all brought charges against him. What happened next makes the blood boil, though the truth took many more years to come out. 

Apparently, the head of the Catholic Diocese went to the District Attorney in that part of Pa. and told him he would lose the next election if he indicted that priest. Yup, the bastard let him off the hook and was re-elected!

Years later, after that district attorney had retired, he was brought back to testify about another case and broke down in tears, finally admitting what he’d done. Meanwhile, that priest had been transferred to another part of the country, where he had continued abusing child after child.

Eventually he was defrocked, which could have and should have happened all those years before!

The Catholic Church, ie: Bringing comfort to millions on the planet on a daily basis, while at the same time being the most successful criminal organization in the history of the world!

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Nearly 2000 children abused by Catholic leaders in Illinois

Nearly 2000 children abused by Catholic leaders in Illinois

…And here is a genuine story about how even minimal effort to bring comfort to another human can result in outsized and wonderful results. How different the world might seem to many if that kind of true effort actually ran wild! It is a thought worth considering. It is also a siren call to each of us!

New research shows small gestures matter even more than we may think.

I wonder about when this train actually went off the rail and Balwani and Holmes both knew it. It reminds me somewhat of Bernie Madoff’s $20 Billion deception in that if Bernie had fessed up when his performance first went south and he tried to cover it up, only to make it worse, he might largely have been forgiven and returned to his original trading business. But he just couldn’t do that and as time went on…well we know the result.

Was there a similar trajectory for this pair? A time when they looked at each other and said, “Uh oh!” Not that it matters really. Somewhere along the way they knew what was going down and kept it going for as long as they could. Now have to face the music as eventually, always is the case. It is simply “The Law of Cause and Effect” unfolding. Hopefully for them there will be less tragic endings than Bernie. It depends on how they handle what they have wrought! We’ll see.