My Thoughts About the Covid Vaccines

Please read the enclosed article. It is sent to share my thoughts with the best of intentions, because of who you are to me. Of course I am not a doctor, so my opinion about vaccines should be viewed in that context. I have however, had the opportunity to delve into the scientific explanation of many drugs over my Wall St years and am discomforted by Pfizer’s entry.

As a result, although I already qualify to receive Pfizer or Moderna’s vaccine, I’m waiting for JNJ’s vaccine which I expect to be approved for fast-track status very soon. Of course it assumes approval of their trial results which I expect by month end or shortly thereafter.

My reasons are mostly reflected in this article, but include that JNJ has far more experience with safe and efficacious vaccines and is using a technology that they’ve used multiple times in the past for other viruses.  Moreover their monkey and human Phase I & II trial results have been very encouraging with minimal problems.

Contrast that with Pfizer which made a deal with a German company that actually developed what is being called “the Pfizer vaccine,” and is using a technology that has never been used before. Plus, I believe I am correct that the German company in question has never produced a successful product until now. In addition, a small but concerning % of people have reported issues.

My feeling is that if timing was not an issue and the two companies were coming out of the starting gate at the same time, there is little doubt that JNJ’s vaccine would be the preference for most people. Of course everyone wants to be safe as soon as possible. But for myself a month more or less after all this time, is worth the wait. Just food for thought.

Sending wishes for safe and peaceful times ahead!


~ Rob

My Thoughts About the Covid Vaccines

My Thoughts About the Covid Vaccines

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