JNJ Trumps Pfizer in Covid vaccine race

Wishing you a Happy New Year! But with an important message. JNJ Trumps Pfizer in Covid vaccine race

For a number of reasons, including the recent news about people getting the Pfizer vaccine who then get the virus, I am personally skeptical about taking it. This article in the NYTimes, – which sought to explain why its just fine and nothing to worry about, but left me with more questions than answers. 

First off, when we hear about the Pfizer Vaccine it is easy to get the perception that it was developed by the mighty Pfizer with its deep scientific team and know-how. But in fact, PFE had nothing to do with its development. Rather they put up development money for a small German company which consists primarily of one very smart couple who developed the vaccine’s mRNA science, which to the best of my understanding has had minimal success until now. 

PFE’s end-game was to get to get their name on on the vaccine and commercial rights. Not to say that they don’t offer important manufacturing and distribution capabilities, but it is not a “Pfizer” developed vaccine. However that did not stop the PFE Chaiman, who IS a marketing genius but NOT a scientist, to use the Pfizer name to promote it and get it fast-tracked to be the first vaccine approved. Not a crime to be sure, but misleading to many. Moderna is also using the mRNA technology and from what I can tell, neither the German company nor Moderna have up until now, produced a commercially successful product. Also not a crime, but all should be aware.

Further, not to suggest that I’m a medical genius, but I have  had a good deal of experience digesting the esoterica of various, complex, medical/bio-tech products, so I could explain them to my clients. I found this one to be particularly convoluted to get my arms around and I don’t believe any of the pundits do either. But who wants to cry “wolf” at a time like this? However, I don’t trust it and as your friend I feel I have to let you know. 

Contrast that with JNJ’s entry into the mix. It is only  a month or two behind and will likely be fast tracked, as Trump also gave them $1.5 Billion. 

And consider:

  • JNJ has a history of developing successful vaccines in their own labs
  • Their covid vaccine technology has a long safety record in vaccines for Ebola, Zika, HIV &  others. 
  • It preliminarily looks like JNJ’s vaccine will only require one shot, though they are conducting dual trials with 40,000 people getting one shot and 20,000 getting two.
  • It only needs normal refrigeration
  • 100,000 people have received JNJ vaccines with this technology in various trials with no serious side effects.
  • 395 people in Covid phase I and II trials had encouraging levels of anti-bodies with minimum issues.
  • Monkey trials showed high enough anti-bodies to protect them from covid, a good indication of the human response.
  • They’ve already started manufacturing on an industrial scale and will have tens of millions of doses ready to go immediately upon approval.

I believe that JNJ is the way to go, assuming they do get approved and plan on waiting for their vaccine. As someone I care about, I thought I should share these thoughts with you. 


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JNJ Trumps Pfizer in Covid vaccine race

JNJ Trumps Pfizer in Covid vaccine race