Game Set and Match for Jeffrey Epstein

Much will be written about Jeffrey Epstein’s transgressions against young girls over the coming months, including where his wealth came from, how he escaped from prior charges in 2008, and more. However this note is not about any of those things. it is only about the following:

  • He was arrested on July 6th at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey after aa flight from Paris on his personal jet.
  • On July18th Judge Richard M. Berman of Federal District Court in Manhattan denied Mr. Epstein’s request for bail, and to await trial under house arrest at his upper east side residence.
  • Mr. Epstein has been housed at the Federal jail in lower Manhattan where he shares a cell with a former police officer awaiting trial for murder, in a special unit with strict security measures to separate certain inmates from the jail’s general population.
  • At 66 years of age, he faces up to 45 years in prison on sex-trafficking and conspiracy charges.
  • Judge Berman has set a tentative trial date for mid-2020 that could start as early as June depending on the speed of pre-trial hearings.

Game Set and Match for Jeffrey Epstein

Game Set and Match for Jeffrey Epstein

In other words, this represents in all likelihood, “game, set and match” for Mr. Epstein! Possibly also for others who participated is his activities and have so far evaded discovery. At the very least, Mr Epstein has gone from the luxury of wherever he stayed in Paris and his private jet, to a jail-cell in lower Manhattan. He will be remanded in similar circumstance until at least the conclusion of his trial, which as noted won’t even be starting for another year at the soonest.  Epstein likely will not see the light of day as a free man for the remainder of his life.

However, Mr. Epstein and his story are instructive about why it is so difficult for many people to come to grips with how seriously they should take the platitudes they grew up with and heard repeatedly from their parents and grand-parents. Ones like, “as you sow, so shall you reap”.  Or “you made your bed, and now will lie in it.” They were similar versions of the wisdom that every culture tries to pass on to their children. Even while the adults themselves who are saying the words, may also be violating them in their own lives. It just serves to illustrate that what is so easy to see in others, is often equally difficult to see in and apply to ourselves.

What Goes Around Comes Around

For example, it is easy now to see Mr. Epstein sitting in a jail cell and say, “See that guy Epstein! Just goes to show that what goes around comes around.” And yet if you’d known him and what he was up to over the past twenty years, you’d likely have said, “ See that guy Epstein! Just goes to show that the bad guys and especially those with money, get away with murder while the good people just get hosed!”

The reason that confusion is so bad, is because it can let us off the hook from taking those important lessons seriously for ourselves and doing the things that we know we should do for the best interests of ourselves and our loved ones, and not doing the things that throw hand grenades into our lives and important relationships.

The bloom is in the very seed that we plant with our thoughts

The brilliant writer/philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson liked to say that “the bloom is in the very seed that we plant with our thoughts, words and actions in our garden of life, but that it can take a long time for it to show up, whether beautiful blossom or painful thorn.” He knew the connectedness was there as many have observed, but also wasn’t as comfortable articulating the timing part of the equation.

My contribution to that conundrum is that it has everything to do with how intelligent, clever and manipulative, willing to lie and really good at it, and desperate to avoid detection – a person is! Add to that of course, how messed up from whatever happened early in their lives, that person is.

But there is a rule that we will see play out with Mr. Epstein, and was illustrated clearly by Mr. Madoff and multitudes of others.  That rule is that the longer the person is able to obfuscate, manipulate and hold off discovery, the deeper the pit they dig for themselves when the light does find them.

Game over for Epstein

The Epstein message for us is to be reassured that the wisdom of – “What Goes AroundComes Around”– Is true and to be taken seriously! It is not to be deceived into thinking that because some people we’ve observed or heard about, seem to be getting away with bad or unhealthy actions, that we can too. No!  All of nature is balanced and there is a perfect effect for every cause.  And so in the human experience (humans being part of nature but the most complex of all living beings) there is also this reciprocity thing that Emerson and others have observed.

The Epstein message for us personally, is that we need to be conscious of it (the reciprocity thing) too – and make sure we are planting only the best possible seeds in our gardens of life! No thorns…no weeds!

To wit: In all parts of life, plant good seeds!

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Game Set and Match for Jeffrey Epstein

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Game Set and Match for Jeffrey Epstein

Game Set and Match for Jeffrey Epstein