Jeffrey Epstein Gets Schooled by Ralph Waldo Emerson

How can one be alive and breathing and not be appalled, shocked, angered, saddened, and concerned about what happens next that will hopefully assure this villain never again sets foot outside of prison walls?

We know now that the authorities had him in 2007. We also know that following a discreet breakfast meeting between Epstein’s attorney Jay Lefkowitz and then Miami’s top federal prosecutor, Alexander Acosta, also President Trump’s just departed Secretary of Labor, a secret and extraordinary deal was struck and signed by a judge that would conceal the full depth & extent of Epstein’s crimes and the number and identities of other people who were involved. Add to that a sentence of only 13 months in the county jail, most of which he could spend in his office.

A non-prosecuting agreement

Jeffrey Epstein Meets Ralph Waldo Emerson
Acosta tried to justify past decisions in the Epstein case

It was called a “non-prosecuting agreement” and also shut down an ongoing FBI investigation to identify other victims and people who may have taken part in Epstein’s crimes. The agreement even included actual protection for “any potential, unidentified, co-conspirators” who took part in Epstein’s schemes to seduce young girls.

What rushes to my mind and rattles around disturbingly is the question of why a Federal Prosecutor would be so accommodating to a known criminal with vast amounts of evidence stacked against him of horrific crimes against young girls, all corroborated by the local investigative authorities. And to add insult to injury, also protect the identities of any other offending participants in the crimes? This being the person who has repeatedly been questioned about and defended those actions in the years since, and until very recently seen his star do nothing but rise. I can only think of one reason why he would do that! But I won’t go there in this note as it is about Epstein and not Acosta. All I can say is that I’m glad Acosta is no longer part of this government and can now join the other many departed “fine folks” (#>*%^#) who have come and gone.

Jeffrey Epstein Gets Schooled by Ralph Waldo Emerson

Back to Epstein, the one question that rushes to everyone’s minds, even though he is now, most likely and hopefully, never going to see the light of day outside of a federal prison, is how can something like this even happen? How was this guy able to get away with it, and in such a prolific manner for so long? For such a conundrum as this, beyond me to explain, I often turn to the great thinker/philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson. On this matter he says:

AcostaJeffrey Epstein Meets Ralph Waldo Emerson tried to justify past decisions in the Epstein case
Ralph Waldo Emerson

“A perfect equity adjusts its balance in all parts of life. Take what figure you will, its exact value, no more nor less, still returns to you. Every secret is told, every crime is punished, every virtue rewarded, every wrong redressed, in silence and certainty. What we call retribution is the universal necessity by which the whole appears wherever a part appears. If you see smoke, there must be fire. If you see a hand or a limb, you know that the trunk to which it belongs is there behind.

Every act rewards itself or in other words integrates itself, in a two-fold manner; first in the thing or the act, and secondly in the circumstance or seen result (the retribution – good or bad). The retribution (result) is in the thing (the act). They are inseparable but may be spread over a long time and not become district for many years; but will do so because act and result grow out of one stem.”

Cause and effect cannot be severed

Brilliantly, he says, “Punishment is a fruit that unsuspected ripens within the flower of the pleasure which concealed it. Cause and effect, means and ends, seed and fruit, cannot be severed, for the effect already blooms in the cause, the end pre-exists in the means, the fruit in the seed.” 

The thing is, all of us humans want our chocolate cake, whatever our version of that may be, and as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone but ourselves, we can often have it, perhaps even many times. But when it effects our loved ones, or others, and particularly when it breaks the law and ruins lives, as is certainly the case here, the result will come! When the person or group of persons, or institutions involved in some evil perpetration are particularly brilliant, clever, wealthy, devoid of scruple, and really good at lying, threatening or obfuscating the truth, they may well put off the inevitable for a longer period than another person with less of those qualities. But rest assured that the longer the payoff for bad actions is held at bay, the deeper the pit that the perpetrator(s) will find themselves in when the light does shine on them.

Jeffrey Epstein Meets Ralph Waldo Emerson

In the case of Jeffrey Epstein, he apparently was extraordinarily talented at his hidden agenda and skills of deception and also had enormous monetary resources at his command. He is most likely an extremely intelligent and clever person who obviously and unfortunately terribly misused his gifts. The concern is that he escaped for so long, that it may cause us grief and make us doubt that these things ever do get settled. But rest assured. As Ralph Waldo so eloquently informed, they DO get settled!

However, by the same token, our Mr. Emerson would also likely say that rather than dwell too much longer on that demon, we should all now turn the Jeffrey Epstein saga into a mirror, to make sure that if there are any areas in ourselves that we are less then jubilant about, we resolve to handle them now for the benefit of ourselves and more importantly, all those who matter to us and we matter to. Thank you Mr. Emerson.

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Jeffrey Epstein Meets Ralph Waldo Emerson

Jeffrey Epstein Meets Ralph Waldo Emerson