The Good People of the Greenwich House

I’ve been writing a lot about the evil perpetrations of this disastrous Pope and the astounding criminality he presides over and the Sackler family, villainous perpetrators of more deaths wreaked by the opioid crisis than all who died in the VietNam War and the lying murderers of Boeing’s management, responsible for the 346 deaths of those aboard their two crashed flights.

Yes, I’ve used them all as example of people, companies or institutions who may appear to get away with doing bad things indefinitely or even forever without ever facing consequences.  It is that appearance that we may use as the reasons to doubt the Principle that What Goes Around Comes Around and apply it in our daily lives.

In these cases referred to above, the payoff is approaching, the seeds they’ve planted finally bearing fruit (careful what you taste – it might be poison) as it finally did for Madoff, Rajaratnam, Volkswagen and all the others.

And thankfully they don’t tell the whole story anyway, as there are also countless people like the author of the letter below, Roy Leavitt. He is the long-time Executive Director of Greenwich House, the West Village Community Center in NYC  that offers services for people in need throughout the community.

Included in those services is the Children’s Safety Project which is near and dear to me for the wonderful work they do to prevent child abuse and provide treatment to those who have been victimized. In contrast to the the selfish and destructive villains mentioned above, Roy and the professionals at Greenwich House make their life work healing and helping!


I can happily say that Greenwich House was one of four grant recipients to receive support in the very first year of Hedge Funds Care/Help For Children’s ( existence, when I started it 21 years ago, and many times after. Roy was the Executive Director then and continues bringing goodness and light to the world today.

Of course we want many more committed and wonderful people like Roy, but we also need reminding that it always starts with ourselves! We may have different careers than Roy, but we can still participate by supporting people like him and organizations like Greenwich House & HFC. Check out Roy’s note.

Wishing you peace & all good things!


The Good People of the Greenwich House

On behalf of the people we serve, thank you to those who have donated to Greenwich House as we close out the 2019 fiscal year.

Because of people like you, New York is a better place today.

Here are some of the many accomplishments from this past year:

  • We have expanded case management services to seniors living at West Village Houses
  • Our music school outreach program has grown, providing choral and songwriting classes to elementary and high school students in three public schools
  • We have completed the establishment of a satellite clinic at Westbeth Artist House to help its residents with mental health services
  • Over $100,000 in scholarships has been distributed
  • New collaborations with referring agencies including the Lower East Side Family Union Preventive Services, Lawyers for Children and The Go Project are helping children who have been victims of abuse

Your gift makes a world of difference to so many and sends a clear signal that community resources like Greenwich House matter.

If you haven’t donated yet and wish to, all gifts are welcome!

With Gratitude,

The Good People of the Greenwich House
Roy Leavitt

Executive Director


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The Good People of the Greenwich House

The Good People of the Greenwich House