Boeing’s Crisis Goes From Bad to Worse

Time now to take a closer look at another group of people being revealed as having been acting in a manner that defies any sense of propriety or moral rectitude, and doing so where lives of many people literally hang in the balance. They are all individuals who have viewed other people fall from grace and said in their most serious voice, “You see, what goes around comes around!” And yet when faced with the choice of doing what’s right, or doing what made the most money for the company and the highest bonus for themselves, their brains shut down, their moral compass was turned face down, and now many families are without their loved ones as a result!

My throat is parched at the thought of the tragedy – my chest feeling constricted as the thought enters – that  if only I had been clever and quick enough to convince Boeing management to order my book for all Boeing managers too read…perhaps these tragedies could have been averted. but alas…not clever enough or quick enough. Ugh!

Boeing’s Crisis Goes From Bad to Worse
Dennis Muilenburg, CEO of Boeing Inc.

However, it does prove that while they all (Boeing’s management) said those words about other people, like most of us at one time or another, deep down they did not believe they were a concern for themselves. They did not stop and ask themselves, “Hmmm, am I sure I should participate in these activities?” Or, “Huh! Perhaps its time to consider moving on in light of the storm brewing.

Sure Boeing is not alone. There have been other prominent examples of illegal corporate chicanery where people went to jail, think  Enron. And more recently, heads have rolled and bonuses clawed back in a real shocker, with the revelations of widespread and purposeful deceit with intent to cheat customers, by Wells Fargo customer service reps at the direction of supervisors and senior management.

But now like an onion being pealed back, none other than Boeing – America’s biggest exporter and one of it’s largest employers – issues management admissions of withholding knowledge that there were safety problems with their best-selling jetliner, the 737 Max, for at least a year. Moreover, although notably with no admissions yet, the very watch-dog relied on to keep Boeing management honest, the highly revered F.A.A.itself, seems to me to be stunningly in cahoots.  Read the entire article about how Boeing’s Crisis Goes From Bad to Worse.

Watch this video with a tissue close at hand:

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A successful guide that uses anecdotes to reveal powerful truths about life.” – Kirkus Reviews

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Boeing’s Crisis Goes From Bad to Worse

Boeing’s Crisis Goes From Bad to Worse