The Opioid Task Force Update

60 doctors, pharmacists charged in largest US opioid prescription bust

Across America, almost 218,000 people died from overdoses related to prescription opioids from from 1999 to 2017, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Overdose deaths involving prescription opioids were five times higher in 2017 than in 1999.

The Opioid Task Force Update:

We have previously discussed the evil doings of the now infamous Sackler Family Mob, who will no doubt go down in the record books  as the most vicious, and perhaps the most successful drug cartel in history. In the past they have been investigated and fined, with agreements signed then soon broken – then investigated more with more and greater fines, but no heads rolling, and always more people dying from their opioid onslaught.  (Former Chairman Purdue Pharmacy,  Richard Sackler,  blamed victims of opioid abuse for their own suffering.)

Could it be the time has come? It does appear as if the pawns are starting to fall. Arrests of the line players are happening as we speak. Finally, our law-enforcement troops are joining-up, forming task forces and rooting out the villains, the doctors the nurses, the distributors responsibly for delivering millions of the deadly pills to the most vulnerable victims. They’ve enriched themselves and the family in the process. But their game is now starting to be revealed and shut down..

Perhaps law enforcement has turned the corner against this cancerous presence in our midst, responsible for single-handedly reducing the life expectancy of Americans by four months, for the first time since the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria hit our shores with Chris Columbus at the helm! Perhaps, but until the Sackler’s themselves have their day of reckoning, the crisis will continue to grow and morph and enrich them.

So long in some cases that we can even come to believe they will never get caught, never face retribution, and that what goes around just may not come around. It may also be the reason why we don’t always consider those words in regard to our own actions. So, it’s good to know the Rule that the longer those bad people elude the spotlight from shinning on them, the deeper the pit they are digging for themselves when it does. That they’ve eluded it this long is a testament to their cleverness, intelligence, and willingness to misuse both.

But as would be the case in dealing with any bully, we collectively need to pull together our response, and use our intelligence, resources and commitment to push back hard. Thankfully, it looks like is exactly what is happening. Check out this story about the law enforcement task force that has now taken down a significant part of the Sackler’s distribution infrastructure in the hard hit Appalachian region.

Read entire article here: 60 doctors, pharmacists charged in largest US opioid prescription bust

They all probably thought they were safe too.

The Sackler Family now have dozens of cases filed against them. They will try like hell to negotiate a cash settlement encompassing all of these cases. that will keep the family members out of jail, so they can regroup and morph again to another version. That must not be allowed to happen!

The Opioid Task Force Update
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The Opioid Task Force Update

The Opioid Task Force Update