Claudine Gay Turmoil Forces Harvard’s Secretive ‘Corporation’ Into Spotlight

Now even Harvard University takes its place as a fascinating example of “The Law of Cause & Effect” in action. It is happening as the most secretive Board in major academia is thrust into the light for their handling of newly revealed allegations of plagiarism, purportedly committed by the also newly appointed President of the University, Claudine Gay.

In question, is how those revelations had slipped past the scrutiny of the “search committee!”  It was reported by the Harvard Crimson student newspaper that they had considered more than 600 applications, over the five-month search before naming Dr. Gay. Was that too short a time for such a process? It was reported to be the shortest on record. Had that led to shoddy or rushed procedures? Hmmm!?!

The thought arises that Dr. Gay certainly would have known if she’d pushed the envelope, in properly citing sources in her own academic work. At the time, she may not have conceived someday being in the running for President of Harvard.  Has she been worrying about the possibility of being “outed” all along?

We can’t know all these answers at this moment but will get greater clarity at some point! What we do know now is whether there is a “Law of Cause & Effect,” that is playing out in the life of Claudine Gay right now. We also use the words “What Goes Around Comes Around” and the Buddha’s choice of “Karma” to describe the same inescapable process. It is Physics either way.

Harvard’s powerful board has backed its president and said little else, yet a member privately said “generational change” may be needed.

Claudine Gay Turmoil Forces Harvard’s Secretive ‘Corporation’ Into Spotlight

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Claudine Gay Turmoil Forces Harvard’s Secretive ‘Corporation’ Into Spotlight

Claudine Gay Turmoil Forces Harvard’s Secretive ‘Corporation’ Into Spotlight

U.S. Coast Guard Academy, in New London, Connecticut between 1988 and 2006, including the revelation of leaders who discouraged disclosure. Those cases do not include at least 42 more that have been identified as not having been properly investigated. That is not to mention new Pentagon published statistics showing student-reported assaults at West Point, the Naval Academy and the Air Force Academy.

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