"What Goes Around Comes Around"is a Treatise on How Life REALLY Works!

This book is a treatise on How Life REALLY Works, that combines important concepts with vignettes about people I have known personally, who provide relevant examples. The expression “What Goes Around Comes Around,” also the title of this book, is the common vernacular of our time for what has been described in countless iterations over the ages. How Life REALLY Works

What Goes Around by Rob Davis
What Goes Around by Rob Davis

The concept is a fundamental principle of life that applies to every human being. Moreover, it is something that every human being has heard in one form or another, generally understands, and would likely agree on in concept. What’s more it is something we readily invoke in observations about others, and is as simple and fundamental as rain falling and flowers growing. The “puzzlement” has always been that while it is so easy to see, and comment on about the folly of others, it is so very hard to observe, admit and adjust in our own behavior and lives.

When I was a kid in elementary school, and the family went to a traditional Christian based church, it was embodied in the saying often invoked, “As you sow, so shall you reap.”

I had no idea what that meant until sometime later when I learned the sow part meant “to plant a seed,” including how much care and attention was taken in the process or not, and had nothing to do with needles and thread, and that “reap” described what kind of harvest would result.

Still later, I remember the first time I heard what has become the modern version, and the title of this book. It happened when someone you’ll soon meet was, in his wisest possible voice, opining on why a mutual acquaintance had suffered a debilitating comeuppance. “It’s obvious,” he said.

What Goes Around Comes Around!

I was struck when I heard those words, and determined that I should think about them. I was to learn that it took a lot more than mere thinking. You’ll better understand the full poignancy involved when you get to read, “A Story About Peter.”

It was in the throes of trying to overcome some tragedy of my own that I attended a lecture about “The Law of Cause and Effect” that I began to realize what the title really meant. I learned how I had drawn that crisis to myself by means of my own thoughts, words and actions, and that the only place to look for the reason for my subsequent dilemma was in the mirror. Like most people, I could clearly see in others what was so hard to see in myself. It was easy for me to comment on how someone else’s behavior had created obvious to expect consequences that person didn’t see coming, only to go forth in my own life and create some equally foolish story.


 So the truth is, there is nothing new or revolutionary about the subject being addressed in this book. Rather it is as old as old is! But it is also as important as any principle of life that exists, to get a grip on and actually be successful expressing in real life.

Moreover, the presentation is actually both unique and impactful in how the subject is addressed. First off, it comes from my voice, different from anyone who has ever attempted to clarify a universal principle of life. In fact, there has never been a person who has ever lived, who possessed the equivalent of my perspective, experience, achievements and failures, making this effort to do so as valid and certainly more timely than any prior attempts. I say that with no reservation as I have studied so many of them.

Then there is the format itself. We collectively know that the most effective way to convey a message is through the power of storytelling, a device liberally employed in “What Goes Around Comes Around!” which switches back and forth between principle’s discussed and the examples of people I have known who are perfect illustrations.

How Life REALLY Works

How Life REALLY Works