Life Supports Good Actions and Roots Out Bad Actions

Wow! It is so very interesting, how life works. Do something for the right reasons, and its as though some Genie sees it and lines up support to help you out. I certainly experienced that when I started Hedge Funds Care, now also known as Help For Children –, more than twenty years ago. People came out of the woodwork to offer different types of support. I must add that they also came into the fold for the right reasons. A quality that continues today.

Now the same thing is happening around the introduction of my new book, “What Goes Around Comes Around – A Guide To how Life REALLY Works.” It’s an entirely different kind of assistance, but just as consequential to me.

As I have been answering people’s questions about my reasons for writing “What Goes…” (my book nickname :), and the insights I am trying to convey, when I really dig deep I find a high degree of skepticism as to whether it is really even true? And further, why a person in this day and age of information overload, should give it the attention to read an entire book about a questionable concept?

So imagine my surprise, about the raft of recent revelations that illustrate in crystal clarity – The Law of Cause & Effect – discussed at length in the book!  Some may use the reference  – Good in/Good out – or more apropos in this case – Junk in/Junk out – The latest items dominating news currently inform the latter, and I could not make the case for the veracity of What Goes  Around Comes Around better than they do all by themselves. To wit:

Wells Fargo’s C.E.O. Timothy Sloan is Grilled on Capital Hill – It seems as if, while the bank’s management has been telling the story of making REAL CHANGES following the  disgraceful, uncovering of sales practices, that cheated their “wealth management” clients, via outrageous schemes to open phantom accounts and add bogus charges, according to a broad swath of current employees, the status quo prevails. They certainly were, and continue to be managing their clients wealth! Right into their own pockets, and Congress was none too happy to learn that practices were far from fully corrected. Undoubtedly, more heads will role, and deservedly so!

While most of the tales of woe we hear day to day are about individuals, there are plenty, think Volkswagen, that are institutional in nature, requiring the cooperative acceptance of bad actions by many.

Life Supports Good Actions
Wells Fargo’s C.E.O. Timothy Sloan is Grilled on Capital Hill

Pied Piper of College of Admissions Scam Had All the Answers – This one’s a doozie, right? What gets me, is how could he have thought he could have so many people involved in his scheme, without someone getting disgruntled about something, and blowing his cover.

It does boggle the mind. Such a thing happening at AAA-List universities, involving Lawyers, corporate executives, teachers, coaches, stars of stage, screen and TV, all taking such a risk, and further, exposing their children! Yikes!  “The sins of the father…”

Life Supports Good Actions
Actresses Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman and CEO William Rick Singer

Boeing Was Go, Go, Go to Beat Airbus With The 737 MaxYet another example of collective brains, all shutting down and staying that way with mutual support. The way I read the various explanations was that the two crashes were caused by the faulty operation of a new software gizmo known as MCAS, that had been developed to prevent the engines of the new and heavier Max from stalling, and going into an irreversible nose-dive.

It seems like that would be a fairly important priority, but it is being revealed that in order to make the onerous deadlines necessary to compete with Airbus, the decision had been made, and supported by the FAA, to not take the time to properly train pilots in the intricacies of MCAS. Yikes again!

Life Supports Good Actions
Boeing Was ‘Go, Go, Go’ to Beat Airbus With the 737 Max

I certainly take no pleasure in reading or hearing about any of these stories. But I am convinced more than ever, that I did the right thing to write this book. You’d have to conclude, that while many of the people involved in the decisions that led to these stories, have probably said the words, what goes around comes around about the plight of some other person, they certainly do NOT believe those words must also be applied to themselves!

My mission is to reduce the number of these unfortunate occurrences, by properly educating as many people as possible about why this principle is so very important to understand. If you know anyone you think would benefit from getting a better handle on How Life REALLY Works, please send them to Amazon, where they can get a kindle version for $11 bucks, or send it as a gift. Just make sure they actually read it.

Just send me a note with their address and I’ll mail them a book, on me!

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