What a Rock-Star, an Apple lawyer, and the Pope have in common?

So I was trying to decide what to write this post about, that would provide a meaningful segue to my new book, “What Goes Around Comes Around – A Guide To How Life REALLY Works,” and was struck by the sheer multitude of choices I was faced with.

There’s Ryan Adams getting his #MeToo moment in the spotlight, for using his celebrity and considerable song-writing skills and success to draw aspiring, young women into his web of manipulation and deceit. Whether he gets nailed or not legally, he has certainly, already been outed for his particular seduction routine, that he repeatedly used to feed his sexual appetites.

Then there’s the lawyer guy, and this one is really hard to believe! Gene Levoff, one of Apple’s former top lawyers, facing criminal and civil charges filed by the U.S. Justice Department and the S.E.C. for insider trading in Apple stock. Now here’s the catch! In the past twenty years, many people have been caught and convicted for violating insider trading regulations. This fact is verified, and I’ve personally spoken to a Johnson County criminal defense lawyer to make sure it is. But this guy’s job at Apple was to actually establish and implement the company policies designed to prevent employees from violating those regulations, that he then turned around and broke himself! Unbelievable! No writer would ever conjure up this story. It’s too ridiculous to  imagine that a person in his position would do such a blatantly, stupid thing! But he did, and now faces a possible prison sentence of 20 years, and a $5 million fine.

What a Rock-Star, an Apple Lawyer, and the Pope have in Common?

So I was going back and forth…Ryan or Gene?…Gene or Ryan? Then the proverbial roof fell in with rapid fire, continued revelations, about the longest lasting and most prolifically, successful criminal enterprise in the history of the world! Namely, the Catholic Church! Oh my word, its been like pealing back the layers of a giant onion. Exhausting!

But what a lesson in how long it can take for this “Principle & Law of Life” we’re discussing – “What Goes Around Comes Around,” to complete its cycle. I promise you, it is something we’re going to dig into much deeper, but I’ll leave you with this! it does not just apply to individual people like Ryan and Gene. No! it can rear it head on both the positive and negative sides in companies (think Wells Fargo, UBS & Volkswagen) and societies, and medical groups and yes, religious organizations. And not just Catholicism. A journalist for the Illinois Baptist newspaper reported in 2002 that a Baptist pastor had sexually assaulted two teenage girls in his church! One of them was just 13 years old. It lead to multiple revelations of systemic sexual misconduct. It’s a story that’s gotten the attention of the outstanding, NY Times Opinion Columnist Nicholas Kristof, so is another story we’ll be hearing more about.

The really fascinating question is, how can some people and institutions, avoid the spotlight for so long, while other’s escapades are revealed in a much shorter timeframe. The answer is why this subject is not a spiritual or esoteric matter, but rather one of physics. More on that later.

So much to know – so much to say!

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What a Rock-Star, an Apple Lawyer, and the Pope have in Common?

What a Rock-Star, an Apple Lawyer, and the Pope have in Common?