Did Dean Skelos believe that "What Goes Around Comes Around" is really true?

Did Dean Skelos believe that “What Goes Around Comes Around” is really true?

I have had the question asked, why am I writing a book about a popular saying that everyone has heard, possibly many times, and that everyone understands and knows the meaning of? What can I possibly add to the everyone already knows?

My answer is that I don’t think that most people really do, either believe its true, or understand the mechanics of how it works. Dean Skelos did not.

As reported in Newsday on 1/7/19:

“The once-powerful former State Senate Majority Leader, Dean Skelos and has son Adam began serving their four-year  sentences in federal prison on Tuesday. They were convicted on corruption charges for using Dean Skelos’ position in state government to shake down companies for $300,000 in payments to Adam, in return for pushing through legislation favorable to the companies.”

I’m sure Mr. Skelos had said the words of the title about other people many times. And yet when making his own choices, it never entered his mind.

I think that if he’d read “What Goes…” he might not have so jeopardized his life and that of his son. He might have said, “Son, we’re not going to do this.” But unfortunately in this case, neither Dean Skelos nor his son, believed that What Goes around Comes Around, now to their great regret

If I had personally known The Skelos Father and son, they might have been a story in “What Goes Around Comes Around” and would have fit right in there with the stores about JRT and Eliot Spitzer, all Gents who obviously did not understand the true meaning of What Goes Around Comes Around!

Below is the story as reported in the NY Times:

NY Times By Benjamin Weiser and Vivian Wang Oct. 24, 2018

Dean G. Skelos, the former New York State Senate majority leader who wielded sweeping power in the Legislature for nearly a decade, was sentenced to four years and three months in prison on Wednesday for a corruption scheme involving his son.

Mr. Skelos, 70, a Republican from Long Island, had been retried after an earlier conviction, in 2015, was overturned on appeal. After that trial, he was sentenced to five years.

Mr. Skelos had forged a formidable reputation in New York politics as one of “three men in a room” who largely controlled decision-making in Albany. The trio also included Sheldon Silver, the former Democratic speaker of the State Assembly, who was also convicted of corruption in a separate retrial this year; and Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, who has not been accused of any wrongdoing.

But Mr. Skelos’s reign came to a swift and ignominious end when federal prosecutors charged in 2015 that he had abused his power by pressuring business executives to give his son about $300,000 for a patchwork of no-show or low-show jobs.

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