The Subtle Gradations of Thoughts, Words and Actions

Thoughts are powerful, though subtle, forces. They are powerful enough to remove one’s attention, even from a subject that one had chosen to focus on, like a conversation, a lecture, or a play. The mind goes off on a tangent, captured by a thought, and precious moments are lost. Happens to us all. The question is, how much?

Cause = Effect

Distracting Thoughts = Missed Opportunity

Medical science abounds with examples of the effect of thought on the physical body. Many of the more progressive doctors of our day acknowledge the disease-inducing power of thoughts laced with envy, anger, hatred and bitterness. Conversely, laughter, joy and well-being are now actively pursued as tools for healing all sorts of ills. Thoughtful people are realizing that a person’s character is defined by their deep belief system, which in turn is defined by the sum total of their thoughts.

The mental atmosphere of an individual created by their belief system acts as a magnet, drawing to them experiences affecting in kind their health, happiness and prosperity.

It is broadly recognized that a good character results from the ongoing generation of good thoughts, words, and actions, just as a lowly character results from the continued dwelling on corrupt thoughts and feelings and subsequent actions. People clearly define their own nature and ensuing life’s experience. In the factory of their mind, they create the tools to either build themselves up or tear themselves down.

The Subtle Gradations of Thoughts Words and Actions

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