January 20, 2019

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Without a whiff of religiosity, the author sets out to assist each reader in shaping a happier, healthier, more prosperous and rewarding life via principally short narratives about himself and the people he has met along the journey of his life.

Learn or be reminded about how your thoughts, words and actions directly correspond to outcomes…negative ones are likely to produce unhappiness and misery while high quality, positive ones are likely to produce conditions of peace, health, success and prosperity…not just for yourself but for those around you, especially those closest to you…thoughts > words > actions > habits > character = destiny.

To his credit the author writes about his own self-examination/reflection and holds himself accountable while illustrating his personal evolution. He reminds us that answers are often found looking not elsewhere but in the mirror. If you don’t first blame others but hold yourself accountable you may achieve greater understanding and personal growth.

The author readily conveys in understandable ways the reality of cause and effect…action/reaction…and the difference between the surface mind and the deeper mind.

Enjoy and leverage in your own life the author’s Thoughts To Live By and come away from reading this terrific book with a renewed appreciation for “Life doesn’t happen to us by chance, it happens for a reason and the reason is us!”