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What Goes Around Comes Around: A Guide to How Life REALLY Works is a nonfiction book written by Rob Davis. At the outset, the premise seems simple enough: Individual human beings are masters of their respective destinies, regardless of outside influences. One could easily dismiss this book as another gimmicky, get-fixed-quick addition to the self-help genre, but Mr. Davis backs up his assertions with stories of real people (many of whom are acquaintances of the author), personal experience, and references to well-known thinkers who have opined upon the subject themselves.

This book is primarily composed of the aforementioned stories, but also includes detailed explanations of the author’s main points, and a selection of daily affirmations. The book is easy to read and engaging from beginning to end.

My favorite aspect of this book is the author’s message itself, as I happened to agree with him on many points. I strongly believe in personal responsibility, and in a world that has seemingly become obsessed with dodging accountability, I feel that his message is timely. While there are some aspects of life that no individual can control, our actions do largely dictate our outcomes. I also agree with the author’s assertion that immoral actions on the part of an individual will eventually result in less-than-favorable circumstances.

While many religious traditions teach a similar message, this book is written from a nonreligious viewpoint and can be applied to any belief system (or lack thereof). The author is very clear on the fact that he doesn’t hold any religious or spiritual beliefs, but as someone who does consider herself to be a spiritual person, I did not feel put off in any way. The author’s tone is diplomatic yet matter-of-fact, and I believe that anyone, regardless of background, can glean lessons from this book.

My sole criticism of this book regards the short poems that crop up throughout the chapters. While they are relevant to the subject matter at hand, they feel like random intrusions in an otherwise well-organized book.

I believe that What Goes Around Comes Around is a worthwhile read, and I award it 3 out of 4 stars . While I believe that anyone could benefit from reading this book, I would especially recommend it to young adults. The lessons within, if learned and applied early in life, will reap many benefits and save a great deal of hardship.

Hello! You are the master of your own fate. The quest is having the kind of fate hoped for. This book’s goal is to get you there. The only impediment, is you know who! Please join forces…and read!

Wonderful Insight into an Old Adage.”

This book is an easy-to-understand look at the time-honored phrase: “what goes around comes around.” Using personal stories gleaned from family, colleagues, and acquaintances, Rob Davis shows us that what we say, think and do (causes) can lead to interesting outcomes (effects).

“Transformative Resource”

Amazon Review 5 Star

A wonderful collection of vignettes that can help anyone transform their life. Davis reveals patterns that are simple but powerful forces in our lives, and readers are reminded of best practices that will produce positive results in any situation.

“Wish I knew this in my younger years…although I’m 30”

Amazon Review 5 Star

I’ve seen Mr. Davis capture an audience’s attention in the capacity of a live show, but never in the dimension of a book. Well, the day has come! “What Goes Around Comes Around: A Guide to How Life REALLY Works” is captivating, hilarious and sounds just like Rob. Not only are the life lessons of this book applicable to the business people of the world, but it is applicable to everyone of all ages. It’s quite hard to master something like that. Whether you are 17 or 49, I highly recommend adding this literary work to your collection.