Epilogue for the Jeffrey Epstein Fiasco

Epilogue for the Jeffrey Epstein Fiasco
Paramedics try to revive Epstein

Oh Jeffrey, Jeffrey! Can you hear me crying out from wherever you are? I want to know! Did you read my “Game, Set & Match” blog post and let it upset you this much? Did you become distraught at the realization I pointed out that the Jig was up?

But its so, not nice of you to leave this entire mess to Ghislaine Maxwell to explain. Who else could and /or would? There probably isn’t anyone else, and she may even decline. At the very least, you’ve left her in a fine mess! I mean bits and pieces maybe from this chef or that chauffeur/pilot, etc. But as such a key recruiter, she would definitely be the resource needed to get the whole story!

Perhaps she needs to be put on “Suicide Watch”

Perhaps she needs to be put on “Suicide Watch” but hopefully a more effective version than Jeffrey’s. Oh my! Have they thought of that? Must have…right?

JEFFREY!!! We’re all really pissed! We’d hoped for the spectacle of all these young ladies filing into the courtroom the give you the business like Cosby and Larry Nassar got, and to see your remorseful reactions. Now…NADA!

Jeffrey Epstein Fiasco

Maybe then there could have been some kind of ‘national healing…but now?  Thankfully we do have Virginia Roberts Giuffre’s defamation suit against Alan Dershowitz to keep you around in spirit!

Epilogue for the Jeffrey Epstein Fiasco
Alan Dershowitz

But you could also have shed much light on who your “real” cronies were, such as the ones you protected in that 2008 deal that let you largely off the hook and included a cover-up of whoever else was involved with you in your recreational exploits. If fact it appears as if Alexander Acosta, the 27th Secretary of Labor, under President Trump from April 27, 2017 to July 19, 2019 played a big role in protecting you and your buddies. It makes the imagination run wild with speculation as to whether he was actually protecting himself.

Oh Jeffrey, there’s so much you could have shared and helped us to grasp. Who knows? You might have even gotten to spend some quality time in the slammer with Bernie and  El Chapo. Oh, to be a fly on that wall!

Damn you Jeffrey! Now that’s never to be!


Epilogue for the Jeffrey Epstein Fiasco
El Chapo’s cell was three doors down from Epstein’s

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Epilogue for the Jeffrey Epstein Fiasco

Epilogue for the Jeffrey Epstein Fiasco