“I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul.”

Each of us is the master and shaper of our own life experience (i.e. I am the captain of my soul) through either exercising our freedom to chose our thoughts, words and actions, or failing to do so. Either way, it is the individual’s choice, not that of some far off deity, or parent, or spouse, or sibling. You take control when you accept your own causal responsibility and adjust your thoughts, words and actions accordingly.

Consider the following:

An individual doesn’t suddenly commit some terrible action after living a wonderful life. Such action was most likely preceded by a long series of dishonorable or immoral thoughts that
gathered energy until the right moment presented itself. The action was not in isolation. Had the thought pattern been changed, the action would never have occurred.

What Goes Around by Rob Davis
What Goes Around by Rob Davis
  • An individual’s outer world of appearance, conditions and circumstance is shaped by the influence of the collective mind on their thoughts, words and actions.
  • The individual who is master to their thoughts, words, and actions is truly master of their life, as one attracts the equivalence of what one expresses through those thoughts, words and actions.
  • Some people choose goals that are good but continuously torpedo those aims by allowing themselves to indulge in thoughts, words, and actions that are not supportive of them.
  • People may be anxious to improve the effect (circumstances and conditions of their life), but may be unwilling to change the cause (thoughts, words, and actions) accordingly. Ultimately, each individual achieves their objectives when they are in sync with the causal action they project.
  • Just as negative causes produce the same effects, so do positive inputs, or causes, produce equally positive effects. As the saying goes, like attracts like. This is clearly understood in the physical world of nature. It is less understood in the world of human expe- rience, but is just as simple and exact in the mechanics of how it works.
  • The individual who grasps the concept of The Law of Cause and Effect and takes control of their causal input will be shocked at how quickly important, positive changes will appear in their life.
  • People usually think that their thoughts are their exclusive and private domain. This is not the case.

Negative thoughts breed equally base words and actions which produce a corresponding condition of misery. Likewise, thoughts, words and actions of a high quality produce conditions of peace, health, success and prosperity.