For Israel a War Unlike Any Other

There is a “Law of Cause & Effect” moral here for both sides.

Netanyahu lost his compass becoming obsessed with his own legal issues, political dominance and legacy, and took his eye off the crucial ball of the security of his people! Based on his actions now and in recent years, he is obviously a blockhead who needs to be put out to pasture ASAP!

It seems clear that he will never be part of a viable solution. He would not himself consider ushering in “fresh-blood” now, as he would if he put the best interests of his country first. That will likely only happen by dragging him out kicking and screaming that only he can fix the mess.

Hamas has also created a no-win situation for themselves, that can only end in calamity and misery for many. At this moment there is no telling where this thing goes, but it is clear that much suffering will be the cost of the idiocy on both sides.

In fact, each has created a no-win for themselves through terrible judgement by Israeli officials that their defense apparatus was secure and by Hamas that their ten minutes of brutality would somehow be a winning strategy.

A terrible price has already been paid! However, the almost certain sacrifice of the 240 hostages still in Hamas’ hands and the murder of countless Palestinian innocents would go down in history as egregious beyond belief, and a very “black mark” on all involved. We can collectively only hope that reason prevails, including a Palestinian solution to eliminate the ugly sore that has prevailed for decades.



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For Israel, a War Unlike Any Other

©Yehoshua Halevi/
©Yehoshua Halevi/


“The Israeli psyche resembles an archaeological site of layers of unresolved traumas, ordinary life interrupted by history. Still, none of the previous wars and terror assaults and missile barrages that I’ve lived through in my four decades as an Israeli has quite prepared me for this moment of rage, dread, uncertainty, resolve.

This is the first war I’ve experienced that seems existential. Not in an immediate sense: Israel will not disappear tomorrow if it fails to meet its stated goal of destroying Hamas. But Israelis intuitively understand that if this round of fighting ends with one more stalemate, then our military deterrence—shattered by the mass but intimate butchery of Oct. 7—could be irretrievable. Without credible deterrence, we have ‘nothing to look for,’ as Israeli slang puts it, in the Middle East.

The Iranian regime has effectively surrounded Israel with terror proxies pressing on its borders. Hezbollah alone possesses some 150,000 rockets and missiles, capable of striking anywhere in Israel. When the siren sounds, we enter the concrete-reinforced “safe room” that every Israeli apartment built in recent decades is required by law to maintain, reasonably confident that the Iron Dome antimissile system can handle the Hamas barrages. But if Hezbollah enters the war, our defenses will be overwhelmed. What is now a conceptual definition of existential threat would become tangible.”

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Kirkus Reviews, the gold-standard for independent & accurate reviews, has this to say about

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A successful guide that uses anecdotes to reveal powerful truths about life.  

The stable, positive, non-preachy and objective voice makes the book stand apart from others in the genre.

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Kirkus Reviews
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For Israel a War Unlike Any Other

For Israel a War Unlike Any Other

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