Carlson’s Text That Alarmed Fox Leaders: ‘It’s Not How White Men Fight’

I don’t mean this example of “The Law of Cause & Effect” as any kind of political statement on my part. But it is perfect proof, that “What goes around, (does indeed) Come Around.” The pertinent question is why it took so long? For that there is presently no answer. But someday, we can be sure that there will be.

In nature it’s the same, in that we accept and know nothing happens in nature (Effect), that isn’t explainable by some Cause, even though there are still some things that the scientists can’t explain yet! But we accept and know that someday, a scientist in that field will at long last have a breakthrough and be able to explain it. Also, that because they will have moved our understanding of nature incrementally forward, they may even end up with a Nobel Prize!

In Tucker Carlson’s case, we will be learning more details over the next months. What strikes me, is how could anyone have been on this planet for these past years and not have had it drilled into them to never let something from their mouth or pen get recorded on the internet, that they wouldn’t want someone to someday see? It kind of boggles the mind, right!

While Tucker most likely gave that advice to many others over the years, he must not have believed that policy also applied to himself! Big mistake and of course he’s not the only one! For example, everyone says the words “What Goes Around Comes Around,” right? So true! But think about it. They only do so when pointing out some other person’s screw-up.

What is so easy to see in others is so hard to see in ourselves.

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A successful guide that uses anecdotes to reveal powerful truths about life.  

The stable, positive, non-preachy and objective voice makes the book stand apart from others in the genre.

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Kirkus Reviews
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Ousted NBC Executive Jeff Shell Loses $43.3 Million

Ousted NBC Executive Jeff Shell Loses $43.3 Million

…And here is a genuine story about how even minimal effort to bring comfort to another human can result in outsized and wonderful results. How different the world might seem to many if that kind of true effort actually ran wild! It is a thought worth considering. It is also a siren call to each of us!

New research shows small gestures matter even more than we may think.

I wonder about when this train actually went off the rail and Balwani and Holmes both knew it. It reminds me somewhat of Bernie Madoff’s $20 Billion deception in that if Bernie had fessed up when his performance first went south and he tried to cover it up, only to make it worse, he might largely have been forgiven and returned to his original trading business. But he just couldn’t do that and as time went on…well we know the result.

Was there a similar trajectory for this pair? A time when they looked at each other and said, “Uh oh!” Not that it matters really. Somewhere along the way they knew what was going down and kept it going for as long as they could. Now have to face the music as eventually, always is the case. It is simply “The Law of Cause and Effect” unfolding. Hopefully for them there will be less tragic endings than Bernie. It depends on how they handle what they have wrought! We’ll see.