Jeffrey Epstein Bites Again

Here’s a whopper, Just the fact that JPMorgan’s name is mentioned in the same sentence as Jeffrey Epstein’s, is already a black eye for the pre-eminent U.S. bank. But the implication that the bank knowingly facilitated payments to Epstein’s victims, is a whole other kettle of fish! 

Hopefully it will not turn out to be the case, that certain JPM executives felt compelled to help Epstein out, particularly it was to stay on his good side and possibly reap some “Epstein Benefits.” If that was the case, what a colossal mistake they would have made, not just as if it relates to their lives, but their loved one’s as well. 

If it was true, one could only conclude that those executives felt “safe” in doing so, certain that they were shielded and protected in some way, that they had “cover.” It would mean that while they often said the words “What Goes Around Comes Around,” when referring to other people’s foibles, they’d never internalized them as the “acid” test for their own thoughts, words and actions.

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Google Co-Founder, Other Billionaires Are Issued Subpoenas in Lawsuit Over JPMorgan’s Ties to Jeffrey Epstein

Sergey Brin, Thomas Pritzker, Mortimer Zuckerman and Michael Ovitz are asked for information in U.S. Virgin Islands’ civil suit against bank

Google co-founder Sergey Brin is among a number of billionaires subpoenaed earlier this week in relation to JP Morgan’s alleged connection to Jeffrey Epstein.

A probe was conducted by the US Virgin Islands around concerning ties between the multinational bank, its affiliates and the late pedophile financier.

Brin, along with Hyatt Hotels executive chairman Thomas Pritzker, famed real estate investor Mort Zuckerman and former Disney executive turned venture capitalist Michael Ovitz were all asked to testify about their involvement in the case.

It’s still unclear as to what connection four of the richest people in the US have to the case as lawyers in the civil case claim that those subpoenaed aren’t party to the suit but may have relevant evidence to the case.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the subpoenas specify that the court are asking for any communications and documents related to both JP Morgan and Epstein.

Kirkus Reviews, the gold-standard for independent & accurate reviews, has this to say about

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Kirkus Reviews
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Jeffrey Epstein Bites Again

Jeffrey Epstein Bites Again

…And here is a genuine story about how even minimal effort to bring comfort to another human can result in outsized and wonderful results. How different the world might seem to many if that kind of true effort actually ran wild! It is a thought worth considering. It is also a siren call to each of us!

New research shows small gestures matter even more than we may think.

I wonder about when this train actually went off the rail and Balwani and Holmes both knew it. It reminds me somewhat of Bernie Madoff’s $20 Billion deception in that if Bernie had fessed up when his performance first went south and he tried to cover it up, only to make it worse, he might largely have been forgiven and returned to his original trading business. But he just couldn’t do that and as time went on…well we know the result.

Was there a similar trajectory for this pair? A time when they looked at each other and said, “Uh oh!” Not that it matters really. Somewhere along the way they knew what was going down and kept it going for as long as they could. Now have to face the music as eventually, always is the case. It is simply “The Law of Cause and Effect” unfolding. Hopefully for them there will be less tragic endings than Bernie. It depends on how they handle what they have wrought! We’ll see.